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The Nathanson Brothers Team wants to send YOU a check!

Welcome to The Nathanson Brothers Real Estate Team’s page for dependable real estate referrals.

You can either  fill out the information on the right,  click here,  or  call us  at 561-509-5565 to get the referral process started!

We invite you to tap into one of the greatest, yet most overlooked sources of income:  other real estate agents.  We want you to  feel comfortable  connecting us with those people you know that want to  sell or buy real estate  in our area.

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Several years ago, Gary Keller mentioned that only 3% of the relocations in the country were referred between agents.  Those statistics have grown to about 5%…even with that increase, it is flat out embarrassing!  Don’t you agree?

We heard this several times and realized that most of us take for granted that people will automatically remember to call us when they are moving…they don’t.  It’s more about the fact that our friends, family and acquaintances don’t wake up every day, in their distant state or city and constantly think about us and our real estate business.

In fact, have you ever had someone you know put an offer on a house, and you find out about it at a holiday gathering, or in an email or even a phone call?

We have come up with a solution for us to STOP THE EMBARRASSMENT!  Let’s work together to change that.  In fact, we are going to make this so easy, you can just count on it as mailbox money for years to come!

Here’s the deal.  Here is a “Memory Jogger List.”  Take a moment right now  to  fill in the names of ANYONE you know in South Florida.  We want to send them a letter or note stating that we just saw you/talked with you and you wanted us to tell them “HI.”  We’ll also let them know that you and our team are working together to ensure that when they decide to move, it will be an incredibly smooth experience.  We will get them into our database and start them on our 8×8 and 33 Touch plans.  We will be absolutely certain they are tagged as a referral from you.  If and when they contact us for any real estate needs, we will send you a 25% referral fee…mailbox money!

Today is your day to ensure that you never miss another referral fee.  You deserve it!

We are looking forward to “Knocking the Socks Off” your referrals in South Florida.

Just jot down any information you can.  Names, Numbers, Address, Emails, etc.  Don’t worry if you’re missing something.  We’ll work to find the missing information.  We want to help you capture some possible lost, extra income.  Thank you for your trust in our team to knock the socks off of your referrals.

Search your Database for South Florida.  Look in your address book as well, and send us your list of everyone you know here.  We will take care of the rest to get them into our database, send a quick “Hello” from you, and tag you as the referring source.  We are looking forward to helping you get another revenue stream for your business.

We know that when you refer someone to another agent, you want to make sure they are going to receive service that is as good as, if not better than, the service you would give them yourself.

That being said, when you  send us your referrals,  we promise to:

  1. Reach out to the referred party immediately (unless you instruct us otherwise).
  2. Love to work with your referred buyers and sellers.
  3. Work hard to provide solutions along with an awesome experience.  You can see what some of our past Clients have said about working with us by visiting our Reviews & Stories page.
  4. Be committed to and capable of working with the referred customer.
  5. Know the cities, local history, schools, shopping, services, as well as resources such as auto service, hospitals, doctors, dentists, hair care, babysitters, restaurants, etc.
  6. Know the builders of new homes and subdivisions.
  7. Be patient and flexible and able to adjust to the buyers’ and sellers’ emotions and needs.
  8. Stay current on our market.
  9. Educate buyers and sellers about local price ranges and trends.
  10. Communicate with YOU, the referring agent, regularly, and always pay the agreed upon referral fee.

Following are some things you may want to know, in order to determine if  we are a good fit for you and your referral:

  1. We love what we do, and truly enjoy helping people.  On more than one occasion, clients have told us how much they appreciated us helping them make the selling/buying-from-afar process much easier than the expected.  In 2014, we helped 61 people achieve their real estate goals.
  2. Our Team has both a listing and selling division, so  we’re able to help your referrals,  no matter what they are looking to accomplish.
  3. Each member of The Nathanson Brothers Team is required to attend a minimum of 4 hours of continuing education each month. This ensures that the professionals you are dealing with are aware of, and can use the latest strategies and technologies to help your referrals accomplish their real estate goals.
  4. The Nathanson Brothers Team has been helping people buy and sell real estate for over 15 years.
  5. We primarily help people  buy and sell homes  in:  Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Coconut Creek, Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach, Highland Beach, Hillsboro Beach, Lake Worth, Lighthouse Point, Parkland, and Wellington Florida.  If you have a referral for anywhere in Florida  let us know.  If it’s outside our area of expertise, we’ll do our best to connect you with another terrific agent who will take great care of your referral.
  6. We help people  buy and sell homes  in all price ranges.  From luxury mansions to efficiency condominiums, land, and investments…buying or selling…trust us for all your real estate referral needs.  We even have great connections for commercial sales and leasing too!
  7. In order to help us establish and maintain rapport with customers, we are students and proponents of the DISC and AVA profiles.  Additionally, we have read and practice many of the techniques in the book, “Instant Rapport,” by Michael Brooks, and have studied rapport-building through The Mike Ferry Organization.
  8. When the sale is closed, we agree to send you the mutually agreed-upon referral fee.  Naturally, we will enclose details of the sale with the check.
  9. Nathanson Family - 12-2013Dan and Michael Nathanson, were raised in Sharon, Massachusetts, and relocated to South Florida for all of the reasons cited on the “About South Florida” page.  Prior to being in real estate, they were each in the restaurant industry, having performed pretty much every position available, including, cook, server, bartender, trainer, and manager, so customer service has been part of their lives for quite a long time.  Dan graduated from Suffolk University, in Boston, with a degree in business management and sociology.  Michael graduated from Bridgewater College, in Bridgewater, with a degree in business management.  Michael has a wife, Lidia, and two sons, Michael Jr., and Jacob.  When they’re not selling real estate, in addition to spending time together with their family, they enjoy playing basketball together and anything and everything else that the South Florida lifestyle has to offer!

We hope that you  feel comfortable  that our team will take great care of your referrals, and look forward to sending you lots of referral checks!

You can either  fill out the information on the right,  click here,  or  call us  at 561-509-5565 to get the referral process started!

Dan and Michael Nathanson